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The Eyecandy Optiks concept was born from the simple reality that as optical retailers acquire other optical retailers, frame product is also acquired that while top quality and current, may not conform with the set collections of the acquiring company. The lesser quality of these non-conforming frames are often sold for pennies on the dollar to internet companies for online sales, but the better quality product - the designer product that you would recognize - is sourced by Eyecandy Optiks, for sale through what it hopes will become a growing network of Western Canadian stores. The endless supply of high end, non-conforming frames, will provide Eyecandy Optiks three distinct opportunities;

  • To purchase product at wholesale inexpensively and from there, to retail this product at unbelievable prices while still preserving a strong cost structure;
  • To constantly change its frame inventory collection by rotating new brands in and out on a daily basis as it is not bound by licensing restrictions of Design Houses, Buying Groups,or powerful Vendors;
  • To maintain massive in-store frame collections at all times.


The stores are and will be well-appointed, but not over-the-top. They don’t need to be because that compromises margins, impacts retail pricing, and you may only be in one every 2 or 3 years. All the basic lens coating options will be available for purchase, but at discounted prices to conform with the general merchandising platform of an Eyecandy Optiks store. And perhaps most significantly, this high end inventory will never be subject to promotion, and will always be sold under a very simple merchandising platform.

What we do, everyday

Single Vision Packages


Any designer frame in the store, plus basic single vision lenses, for $199.00.  Discounted lens treatments, coatings, and upgrades, sold as extras.

Bifocal Packages


Any designer frame in the store, plus basic straight line bifocal lenses, for $259.  Discounted lens treatments, coatings, and upgrades, sold as extras.

Progressive Packages


Any designer frame in the store, plus a choice among multifocal lens designs, for $299.00.  Discounted lens treatments, coatings, and upgrades, sold as extras.

Kids Packages


Any kids frame in the store, plus single vision polycarbonate lenses, for $149.  Discounted lens treatments, coatings, and upgrades, sold as extras.


Can I purchase frames or lenses only?

No, we sell complete pair packages (frames and prescription lenses) only.


Do you have an Optometrist in the store?

Yes we do have an on-site optometrist and wherever they can, they accept walk-in appointments! You can BOOK AN APPOINTMENT ONLINE or call 306-525-1411.


What about lens coatings, Anti-Reflection, Transitions, index upgrades?

Absolutely. All popular coatings are sold as add-ons to your frame/lenses packages. Build the pair you want.


Will my purchase come with a warranty?

Yes it will. Lenses that have been scratch protected will come with a one year warranty. 


Will I be able to use my insurance coverage like I can everywhere else?

You bet! We also offer direct billing to most insurance companies for your convenience. Just let us know which insurance plan you are a member of and we will confirm whether or not it’s eligible for direct billing.


Is there enough frame collection to choose from?

Absolutely, about 1,000 designer frames in-store at any given time, with new product cycled in and out daily.


Will EyeCandy Optiks carry particular Designer brands all the time?

The actual frame collections are determined by what Eyecandy is able to buy. With new product arriving daily, the selection of designer brands we carry is constantly changing.


Is there a restriction as to how many complete pairs I can purchase?

No, as long as you are not re-selling them.


Do you sell children's eyewear?

Yes, our collection includes children’s glasses. We offer Kids Packages for $149, which include any children’s frame in the store plus single vision polycarbonate lenses.

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